Which engine is better to take Hyundai Creta

Choosing a car for a certain price always comes down to three main points: engine, body color and equipment. Today we’ll talk about which engine is better to take the Korean Hyundai Creta crossover.

“Kreta” on the Russian market is offered with two power plants – a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters. Both engines are gasoline, the “junior” is combined with both “mechanics” and “automatic”, while the “senior” – only with automatic transmission. A 1.6-liter engine is also installed on Hyundai models such as Solaris, Elantra, Rio and Ceed, and a 2.0-liter engine on Elantra, i40, Tucson, Soul, Cerato and Sportage.

The selection of a suitable motor is very important not only because the expense depends on it, but also for the reason under which it is planned to operate the car. Note that the Hyundai Creta is not a racing car, but an urban crossover, although the dynamics with a 2.0-liter engine are impressive.

If a car enthusiast selects “Creta” in the 4WD version, it is better to take this particular engine. Engine 1.6 may seem rather weak for an all-wheel drive crossover, since such a car is a priori heavier. It is also better to take the 2WD version with the 2.0 engine, but if the price is critical for the buyer, then the 1.6 engine will suffice for the car.

As for the reliability of the power units – both are designed for a service life of about 200,000 km, although there are also those that have traveled 500,000 km without breakdowns. Many years of experience using Hyundai Creta engines in different models of the Korean brand shows that they are quite reliable, but at the same time practically unrepairable. The fact is that the cylinder block of these engines is made of how thin aluminum is that few will undertake to repair them.

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Finally, we give three tips: 1) in Hyundai Creta, it’s worth using only a good little engine and changing it every 7,000 to 8,000 km; 2) if there are suspicions that something is wrong with the motor, it is urgent to contact a service center, and not “wander” yourself; 3) it is better to sell the car while it is still under warranty, which will avoid the costly “capital” in which case.

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