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In the spring, the Putin regime began work on a project with the unofficial name “Noah’s Ark”

Putin and his associates are developing a plan to flee to Venezuela in the event of a defeat in the war against Ukraine and a coup in the Russian Federation.

Speaking of which said Putin’s former speechwriter, Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov, citing his inside source.

“I don’t usually tell insider stories, but today I’ll make an exception. Firstly, I trust the source too much, and secondly, the information is very fried,” Gallyamov said.

According to him, in the spring, the Putin regime began work on a project with the unofficial name “Noah’s Ark”. It’s about finding new lands where you can go if you lose the war and lose power.

Consider China first

Gallyamov says China was initially considered the main platform. This option was proposed by Mikhail Kovalchuk. As you know, the Kovalchuk brothers are one of Putin’s closest associates.

“However, in the prospects of cooperation with him, potential emigrants were quickly disappointed. The Chinese are too smart and look down on others too much, especially losers. There is little hope for them,” explains the political scientist.

Latin America

Now Putin and his accomplices are considering the option of fleeing to Latin American countries: Argentina or Venezuela.

“I don’t know any details about the former, but the project to switch to the latter is supervised by (the head of Rosneft. – Ed.) Sechin. He has good personal relations with Maduro and it is he who is now in charge of the evacuation project,” says Gallyamov .

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

According to him, Yury Kurilin, the right-hand man of the head of Rosneft, is directly involved in the work on the spot. The official has formally resigned from there and has now fully devoted himself to the “New Ark”.

Where will lower-ranking officials flee?

How in shape The Russian telegraph channel “We Can Explain”, citing its own sources, high-ranking Russian authorities are actively buying up real estate on the Venezuelan island of Margarita, where they allegedly will be protected from extradition.

Mid-level officials plan to flee to Paraguay, Ecuador and Argentina.

Photo: travelreport.mx

Buenos Aires

Paraguay, Ecuador and Argentina have recently relaxed the requirements for obtaining a residence permit and accelerated the process.

“In some cases it is not even enough to buy real estate, but a deposit in a local bank for $5,000. You have to present the documents in person, but you can also receive them by mail, that is, during your stay in Russia. Citizenship of these countries allows you to visa-free travel in the Schengen area,” the message reads.

Escape of the dictators

Earlier, Russian Telegram channels wrote that Putin is considering the Central African Republic as one of two emergency evacuation options for himself and his loved ones.

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the president’s office, said that Putin allegedly he has asked for political asylum in China three times. The flight to China considers and another dictator – Alexander Lukashenko. This was reported by the Belarusian opposition resident in Poland, Pavel Latushko.

This was stated in Russia by former State Duma deputy Igor Yakovenko “hundreds of people are fleeing the authorities”.

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