which company offers the best value for money?

In June, nine airlines will serve this route, making it one of the most popular routes in the world. Our advice for booking your ticket.

Paris-New York, the most popular air link in the world? Everything leads to believe it. In June, nine companies will serve this line, with a total of no less than 5,000 seats on sale daily, all categories combined (economy, Premium, business and premier). But among the competitors – Air France, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Corsair International, La Compagnie, French Bee, Norwegian, and Level – the offer varies a lot.

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On the Paris-New York line, we will not be surprised to find Air France in a dominant position. First in the higher categories: in first class, the national airline is the only one to offer 22 seats per day. Its position in business class remains strong with 49% of seats. In this market, it is mainly competed with by La Compagnie, which, with its all-business airbus A321neo, offers very attractive prices. In Premium Economy, Air France is also in the lead with 50% of seats.

But it is in the economy class segment that the battle is fiercest. If there again, Air France has the largest offer with 35% of seats, it has to compete with low-cost airlines such as Norwegian, Level (an offshoot of Iberia) and French Bee, the low-cost airline of Air Caraïbes. Not to mention the hybrid company Corsair International whose ambition is to combine low cost and quality service.

Do not trust the call price

On board, the cabins are more or less densified, which has an impact on passenger comfort. No company really stands out in economy class. Thus on the Norwegian Dreamliner, the rows are made up of 9 seats (3 on the window side and 3 in the center). On the same plane, United Airlines also has 9. French Bee follows the same logic, with 10 seats in front on its A 350 against 9 on those of Air France. For its part, the company Level seems to guarantee better comfort since there are only eight seats in front of its A330s against 9 seats on those of Corsair. A few more inches which, on a long haul, can make a difference for some passengers.

Before taking your ticket, our advice is always the same: don’t be fooled by the low price. To compare prices, it is absolutely necessary to go through the process and take into account luggage, seat, meal, service charges and finally bank charges. Low-cost companies know well that you cannot do without catering. For this reason, most of them charge (expensive) all these services during the flight. In the end, it is therefore not rare that between the traditional companies which include in their price the seat, the luggage, the meal and the drink, and the low cost where it is necessary to add all these services, the ticket comes back to the same. price. A low-cost company stands out from the crowd: Norwegian offers free Wi-Fi on board (in Economy and Premium) of all its Boeing Dreamliner 787-900s, an offer that no other company offers on transatlantic flights.

At the arrival

Finally, the other factor that separates these companies will be the arrival airport. Air France, Delta, American, Corsair or Norvegian flights all go to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport, while United, La Compagnie, French Bee and Level arrive in Newark. In terms of public transport service, these two airports are equal. JFK is served by the metro then by a small automatic train; Newark by train from Penn station on 34th Street, then by Airtrain. However in terms of salon, JFK is more attractive. American Airlines’ one is superb, as is Air France’s, which has just been renovated. In Newark, on the other hand, apart from United’s Solaris lounge which is spacious, the “Art and Lounge”, which is “multi-company”, is not worth the trip. He also has the defect of being located before the security check. Passport side, if JFK is well equipped in automated controls, it is less the case of Newark where the wait can be very long.



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