Which car insurance to choose?

What type of auto insurance to choose? Sometimes you can get lost when it comes to choosing your insurance. How to insure your car? Follow the mini-guide.

You took advantage of Exhibition conditions, despite its cancellation, to buy a new car, thermal, electric or hybrid? Congratulations! Now is the time to think about your car insurance, which is compulsory in Belgium. But which auto insurance plan to choose for your vehicle?

Auto liability insurance, also called “RC Auto”

The RC Auto insurance, compulsory, can be seen as the minimum insurance. An essential auto liability insurance when driving a vehicle in the event of an accident or disaster. In fact, if you cause an accident, your insurance company will take care of the material damage or bodily injury caused to a third party. However, not all RC Auto insurance is the same. Beobank’s RC Auto insurance offers, for example, 24/7 assistance and in particular takes care of breakdown assistance and towing to a nearby garage, and even a replacement vehicle for a maximum of 5 days in Belgium!

The Mini Omnium and Mini Omnium + formulas, for protection adapted to your needs

Do you want more protection? Mini Omnium formulas are therefore made for you, because they are more suited to your needs and to different risks. Omniums cover damage to your vehicle caused by theft and attempted theft, fire (including lightning), broken windows, accidental impact with an animal or natural events (storm, hail, flood, avalanche ). In short, you are protected in many cases, the Omnium + formula also covering you against the total loss of your vehicle in the event of an accident!

The Full Omnium, to be protected in all circumstances

Last but not least, All l’assurance-automobile Full provides the most comprehensive coverage for your car. A kind of comprehensive insurance. It obviously covers damage already covered by the RC Auto and Mini Omnium and Mini Omnium + formulas, but it also offers other guarantees. These include, among other things, compensation for damage to the contents of your vehicle, as well as to the wheels, in the event of a claim. But also Maxi Assistance (personal assistance and vehicle assistance following breakdown, fire, theft, attempted theft or vandalism). Are you causing an accident? It can happen ! The Joker + advantage allows you 2 wrongful claims without consequence on your bonus-malus, under certain conditions. When we spoke to you about the most complete coverage, it was not empty words …

Need an auto insurance simulation or a quote? Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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