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Car brands with many recalls in Europe

It is not uncommon for defects to become apparent after a product reaches the hands of consumers, despite the huge amount of development costs involved. In the real world, away from development sites and computer simulations, the recall was made after numerous case reports.

In Europe, there is a system called “RAPEX (Rapid Exchange of Information System)”, which conducts activities to point out the safety risks of all products sold within the EU. Automobiles are also subject to this, and when a problem is discovered and develops into a recall, in most cases, improvement work is carried out at the expense of the manufacturer.

The more products we handle, the higher the absolute number of recalls. This ranking does not directly represent the manufacturing quality of the manufacturer.

The website Car-Recalls.eu specializes in deciphering RAPEX data and also compiles a list of car makers with the most recalls in Europe. This time, based on this, we will take up the 30 brands with the most recalls in Europe in 2022.

Naturally, the larger the product lineup, the greater the number of recalls, so please take that into consideration. Also, recalls can be wide-ranging, so not all vehicles are affected.

30 bits:Ferrari – 1 recall for 2 models

Ferrari in 2022,488 GTB(pictured) and458 Italycarried out a recall. This had to do with the breathability and pressure of the brake fluid reservoir cap, which could lead to a loss of braking power.

30th place: Ferrari
30th place: Ferrari

29th: Mini – 1 recall for 4 models

Mini is convertible, countryman (Japanese name: crossover),clubMann (pictured) has announced one recall involving Cooper. A major component of the seat belt retractor failed, impairing its restraint function and increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

29th: Mini
29th: Mini

28 bits:Tesla – 2 recalls for 3 models

Tesla firstmodel 3Whenmodel S(Photo) announced a recall. At high speeds, the hood latch could be damaged, causing the hood to open and block the driver’s view. again,Model YIn , the suspension arm came off the steering knuckle and there was a risk of loss of control, so this was also recalled.

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28th place:Tesla
28th place:Tesla

27 bits:Porsche – 2 recalls for 3 models

2021 model to 2022 modelporsche 911(Photo) has been recalled due to a defect in the seat belt, which could come off in the event of an accident. 2020 modelCayenneand Taycan were recalled due to a faulty rear axle that caused uneven tire wear.

27th place:Porsche
27th place:Porsche

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