Where who owns which Koenigsegg? View the unique car map

Mapping rare Koenigseggs tracks automotive unicorns. Extreme models are not seen, yet they are found on most continents.

Koenigsegg stands out from all the categorizations of the automotive environment. A brand going in its own direction is stepping out of a number of conventional practices of the automotive industry. Just as the likable founder Christian von Koenigsegg cannot be overlooked, the presence of flat hypersports on the roads does not escape attention.

Production takes place in Ängelholm, Sweden, individual model lines are produced in units up to tens of pieces, exceptionally the production runs into the hundreds. Very expensive and even more rare Swedish machines almost defy physics, driving performance and technological solutions are in a league of their own, no wonder the low production statistics of only 35 vehicles for 2021. Slow assembly with an emphasis on quality creates an aura of a unicorn and looking at the road, the comparison is quite apt, because seeing a Koenigsegg in motion outside of an auction or exhibition takes a great deal of luck.

A new map publicly available on Ghost Squadron’s Instagram account increases the likelihood of a fateful encounter. Fans of the Swedish automaker went through the registers of the top Koenigsegg Jesko and tracked down all the locations of the appearance of this flagship sci-fi coupe named after the father of the eternally positive Christian.

From the clear scheme, the largest part of the world is marked in gray, representing the places without the known occurrence of Jesko. The predominance of the pale painted mainland confirms that meeting the ultimate Koenigsegg in action deserves celebration. A greater chance of a festive moment occurs in the territories of the United Kingdom, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and home Sweden. Ghost Squadron marks mentioned destinations in red, indicating the presence of 10 or more cars. An interesting point is California, where more than 10 units are located in one state and the density of Koenigseggs here is greater than in 97% of all other countries.

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The interest among mobile Americans is not as surprising as the lack of interest among their Chinese counterparts. Although China glows orange on the map, it is one of the countries with a higher density of Koenigseggs, specifically there are reportedly only five to nine tracked vehicles. For 1.4 billion people, a few pieces of Jesk is a surprising disproportion, especially considering the fact that cars traveled from Ängelholm to almost all continents.

The enthusiasts’ map is not officially authorized by the car company, therefore the data may differ from the development influenced by the migration of the rich, auctions and/or dealers. Globally low numbers guaranteeing the exclusivity of a globally homologated model will not be far from the truth. Sold out in no time, the Jesko is and will be an automotive phenomenon.

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