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Where to watch all the matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on television and online?

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is approaching the beginning and fans who cannot travel to the country that organizes the event are looking for a platform to follow live and / or on television all the matches of the event that will stop world football for a month. Of From November 20th to December 18th those faithful to the beautiful game will not be deployed by the platforms that have purchased the broadcasting rights of the World Cup event.

In Spain there are three ways to follow the Qatar World Cup 2022 through television or platforms. The first, the one that many fans will use as it is the cheapest, is public radio and television RTVE holds the broadcasting rights for the World Cup event and has already announced that it will broadcast each of the Spanish team’s matches, directed by Luis Enrique Martínez, on television in the Qatar World Cupregardless of the rounds overtaken by the national team.

Also, Spanish television announced that a match for each group of the first phase can also be followed live, as well as four round of 16, two quarter-finals, two semifinals and, of course, the final in which the world champion will be decided in 2022. These meetings are independent of participation and progress or not of Spain at the tournament.

The second option is the same one that broadcasts the matches of Santander Leaguein communion with DAZN and the whole Champions League. Movistar + also holds the broadcasting rights for the Qatar World Cup and in your case they are not complicated. They will broadcast the 64 matches that make up the 2022 event, including, of course, all the matches of the Spanish team, as well as the grand finale for the title. In third place is the app World goalwhich offers at an affordable price all the matches of the competition that takes place in Qatar from 20 November, the date scheduled for the opening match.

Next, we detail the dates and start times of all the holidays of the Qatar World Cupin a concise guide that will be of great use from the day the most awaited competition in national football is kicked off.

Dates and times of the World Cup in Qatar


Nationals: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, the Netherlands

November 20: Qatar-Ecuador 17:00

November 21: Senegal-Netherlands 17:00

November 25: Qatar-Senegal 2:00 pm, Ecuador-Netherlands 5:00 pm

November 29: Qatar-Netherlands 4pm, Ecuador-Senegal 4pm


Nationals: England, Iran, USA, Wales

November 21: England v Iran 2pm, United States v Wales 8pm

November 25: England-USA 20:00, Iran-Wales 11:00

29 November: England v Wales 20:00, Iran-USA 20:00


Nationals: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

November 22: Argentina-Saudi Arabia 11:00, Mexico-Poland 17:00

November 26: Argentina-Mexico 20:00, Saudi Arabia-Poland 14:00

November 30: Argentina-Poland 20:00, Saudi Arabia-Mexico 20:00


Nationals: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia

November 22: France-Australia 20:00, Denmark-Tunisia 14:00

November 26: France-Denmark 17:00, Australia-Tunisia 11:00

November 30: France-Tunisia 16:00, Australia-Denmark 16:00


Selections: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan

November 23: Spain-Costa Rica 17:00Germany-Japan 14:00

November 27: Spain-Germany 20:00Costa Rica-Japan 11:00

December 1: Spain-Japan 20:00Costa Rica-Germany 20:00


Nationals: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

November 23: Belgium-Canada 20:00, Morocco-Croatia 11:00

November 27: Belgium v ​​Morocco 2pm, Canada v Croatia 5pm

1 December: Belgium-Croatia 16:00, Canada-Morocco 16:00


Nationals: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

November 24: Brazil-Serbia 20:00, Switzerland-Cameroon 11:00

November 28: Brazil-Switzerland 17:00, Serbia-Cameroon 11:00

2 December: Brazil-Cameroon 20:00, Switzerland-Serbia 20:00


Nationals: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

24 November: Portugal-Ghana 17:00, Uruguay-South Korea 14:00

November 28: Portugal-Uruguay 20:00, Ghana-South Korea 14:00

2 December: Portugal v South Korea 4pm, Ghana v Uruguay 4pm


December 3:

  • First group A vs Second group B 16:00
  • Before group C vs Second of group D 20:00

December 4th:

  • Second of group A vs First of group B 20:00
  • Second of group C vs First of group D 16:00

December 5th:

  • Before group E vs Second of group F 16:00
  • First group G vs Second group H 20:00

December 6

  • Second of group E vs Before group F, 16:00
  • Second of group G vs Before group H, 20:00


December 9

  • Eighth 1 vs Eighth 2, 8pm
  • Eighth 3 vs Eighth 4, 4pm

December 10:

  • Eighth 5 vs Eighth 6, 8pm
  • Eighth 7 vs Eighth 8, 4pm


December 13: Halls 1 vs Halls 2, 8pm

December 14: Halls 3 vs Halls 4, 8pm


December 17. Loser Semifinal 1 vs Loser Semifinal 2, 16:00


December 18: winner of the semifinal 1 against winner of the semifinal 2 – 20:00

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