“Where is Yana Klochkova? Former Olympic Champion Betrays Ukraine and Disappears”

For more than a year and a half, the “goldfish” has not made itself felt.

Four-time Olympic champion, the most titled athlete of Ukraine in the history of the Olympic Games Yana Klochkova after the start of a full-scale war does not make itself felt.

The fans of the athlete are very interested in the question, where did she disappear and where is Yana Klochkova now. In the program “Slava PRO” Slava Demin toldthat, to the great regret of the fans of the “goldfish”, she betrayed Ukraine and, together with her son, went to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

There Klochkova lives with her parents and for a year and a half she has never once commented on Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. The athlete pretends that nothing is happening at all.

Klochkova closed her Instagram profile, but did not delete her pages on Russian social networks:

“It seems that Klochkova lives in a different reality. Although let’s not forget who she was friends with at one time. Let me remind you that in 2006 Yana was close to the Ukrainian fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych. And she was even elected a deputy of the Kharkov city council from the Party of Regions. The mother of the swimmer Elena Sinyavskaya continued to post the St. George Ribbon on her Facebook back in 2021,” Demin commented.

Recall that recently another Ukrainian ex-member of the Artik & Asti group Anna Asti distinguished herself. She was in Ukraine at the beginning of the full-scale invasion and was sitting in a bomb shelter. But then I ended up in Russia, where the other day received the award “singer of the year”.

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