where is Ruza Ignatova hiding?

Ruza Ignatova entered the FBI’s list of the ten most wanted persons. An English journalist claims that she is hiding on a yacht in the Mediterranean because she is untouchable there.

Where is the fraudster Ruzha Ignatova hiding? This question is asked by the German tabloid “Bild”. “The fraudster Dr. Ruzha Ignatova (42) is running away with a German passport and 4 billion euros,” the publication wrote. “The FBI is after her”. Last week it became clear that the creator of OneCoin entered the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list. The announced reward for information that could lead to Ignatova’s arrest is $100,000. says “Deutsche Welle”.

The author of the article in “Bild” Christina Drechsler describes the Bulgarian woman as “one of the biggest fraudsters in criminal history”. Drechsler also writes that, according to experts, Ignatova is hiding on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

A scam worth billions

The German publication recalls the story of the man wanted for the embezzlement of billions of euros. Ignatova was born in Bulgaria, but went to study in Schramberg, Germany, studied law in Konstanz and has a doctorate. She has German citizenship.

Ruzha Ignatova is considered highly intelligent, and in the crypto company OneCoin, founded by her in 2014, investors invested over 4 billion euros. It is believed that in Germany alone, Ignatova and her accomplices embezzled 88 million euros.

Despite all the promises of its company, the so-called OneCoin does not even exist as a currency. In 2017, the queen of cryptocurrencies disappeared along with the money. She is wanted by Interpol in 194 countries.

Is the crypto queen hiding on a yacht?

The article states that the FBI has placed her second on the top ten most wanted criminals, and as of last week she is the only woman on that list.

English journalist Jamie Bartlett, who is trying to track down the fraudster, has written a book about her escape. He has spoken to people who have seen her and believes Ignatova lives on a yacht in the Mediterranean. But why exactly there? If you are twelve nautical miles from the coast, no country has jurisdiction and the authorities have no right to arrest you. It is believed that the fraudster has also undergone several cosmetic surgeries. Bild claims that investigators believe she is currently blonde and slim, with a new nose and jaw, cheeks and lips.

Ignatova has enough money to continue hiding

A particularly important hub for the crypto queen’s business is Dubai. In 2020, the emirate’s authorities unfroze her accounts, even though more than a year earlier the US Department of Justice had brought charges against her and labeled OneCoin a “fraudulent cryptocurrency”. Months earlier, her former close associate – the lawyer Mark Scott – was found guilty of laundering 400 million US dollars.

The BBC also draws attention to claims that Dr. Ruzha Ignatova is among the world’s biggest bitcoin investors. It is possible that she owns 230 thousand of them. Even after the collapse in the value of the most popular cryptocurrency, this would equate to around US$5 billion. Money that is more than enough to help her continue hiding, the media noted.

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