Where is Ortega? The president disappeared in the midst of a crisis by Covid 19

Managua Nicaragua.

Various Nicaraguan sectors criticized this week the president of the country, Daniel Ortega, for not giving face to the pandemic for him SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing COVID-19 disease, and because his Government continues to promote public events and agglomerations, in an open challenge to the WHO recommendations.

Ex-guerrilla Dora María Téllez, who was Minister of Health during the first Sandinista government (1979-1990), observed that both Ortega as his wife, the vice president Rosario Murilloas well as their relatives, “are quarantined in some private island“but they send citizens to expose themselves to COVID-19.

The Government, through the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports (IND), carried out today a marathon called “Welcome Love to Summer 2020” in which they participated hundreds of Nicaraguans, including children and people with disabilities, and with whom they gave the starting flag to the “Summer Plan”.

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) called on citizens to disobey “the irresponsible calls of the Ortega Murillo regime in front of COVID-19“and avoid crowds, do not go to the beaches, and join the #QuedateEnCasa campaign.

That body has branded the Executive irresponsible and criminal in the face of pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The Government plans to hold a summer festival in Easter week, which includes popular festivals in six recreational centers, including two spas located in the Pacific, and one in the tourist and colonial city of Granada (southeast) that hosts the Big Lake.


For human rights activist Haydee Castillo, Ortega is demonstrating an inability to fulfill his responsibilities as President at a time when the life of the people is at stake for the COVID-19, what in Nicaragua officially records five cases, with one deceased, and 12 suspects.

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“The Constitution of Nicaragua talks about penalties for action or omission, “he warned.

To Ortega, from 74 years, an ex-guerrilla who carries 13 consecutive years at power, He has not been seen since March 12, when he participated, from his residence, in a teleconference with his Central American counterparts about the pandemic of the coronavirus.

In the absence of the president, who has not participated in public events since last February 21 when he did it in one with the Army, it has been his wife who has carried the voice in the midst of the health emergency.

But Murillo, who turns 69 in June, has also not given his face in public and his messages are directed through phone calls it does to the official media.

Get used to disappearing

Ortega and Murillo They also did not lead a march organized by the Executive on March 13 and called “Love in times of COVID-19”, in which thousands of Sandinista supporters and workers marched for Managua, but without the presence of the organizers and honorees, or their children, who had participated in previous marches.

The ruler, contrary to other occasions, has also not shown public solidarity with his ally and Venezuelan peer, Nicolás Maduro, who last week was accused of U.S for the crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism.

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Nicaraguans have begun to speculate on the state of Ortega’s health for the closeness that his family had with the only deceased with COVID-19 in the country, a stylist. However, the president also accustoms to disappear during crises.

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In April 2018, when a social outbreak began against his government over controversial social security reforms, he appeared in public until third day.

On another occasion, in March 2014, Ortega reappeared after 10 days of absence from public activities at the Managua Airport to receive the newly appointed cardinal, Leopoldo Brenes. EFE


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