Where does Raffi Ahmad run to Rp 200 million every month, the contents of Nagita’s Zero Account are only 5, Aurel Shock: Is that Mba Gigi’s account?

Sosok.ID – There’s a reason why Raffi Ahmad | dubbed netizens as Sultan.

Launch Tribun Style, husband’s wealth Nagita Slavina estimated at Rp 400 billion.

Not to mention other income from YouTube, social media and other business octopuses.

Because the mountains are treasures, Raffi Ahmad | willing to give monthly rations to Nagita Slavina with fantastic numbers.

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Unmitigated, reportedly Nagita Slavina’s monthly quota from Raffi Ahmad has reached hundreds of millions

Plus, every month 3 credit cards belonging to Nagita Slavina are always filled with tens of millions by Raffi Ahmad.

In total, the monthly ration given by Raffi Ahmad to Nagita Slavina reaches Rp. 200 million.

“Nagita, I have IDR 50 million in cash, I only have three credit cards for IDR 50 million,”

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“So it’s almost Rp. 200 million,” said Raffi Ahmad, quoted from YouTube Taulany TV, Thursday (5/8/2021).

Surprisingly, what Nagita Slavina jsutru admitted was compared to 180 degrees with what her husband had revealed.

Launching the AH YouTube show on June 18, 2021, the contents of Nagita Slavina’s account did not match people’s expectations.

“What is the minimum Mbak Gigi’s ATM balance?” asked Atta Halilintar.

Without further ado, Nagita Slavina admitted that she had asked her own employees for money because the contents of the ATM could not be withdrawn.

“At least, right? I’ve WhatsApp office people asking for money,” said Nagita Slavina

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Nagita Slavina’s confession made Aurel Hermansyah unable to hide his surprise.

Because all this time, Nagita Slavina has always been known as an artist who from head to toe is full of luxury goods.

“Huh, a Nagita Slavina has no money?” cried Aurel Hermansyah.

In order to prove her words, Nagita Slavina even showed the contents of her current ATM account balance.

The woman, nicknamed Sultan Andara, apparently filled her ATM account balance with only Rp 400 thousand.

Previously, Nagita Slavina admitted that her condition was worse than this, which only contained Rp. 20 thousand, so it could not be withdrawn.

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“Here, look, four hundred thousand. That’s right, ‘Please, don’t have money,'” he said Nagita Slavina while laughing.

“Yes, in the past, it had reached twenty thousand, until it couldn’t be withdrawn.” he added

“Is that Mba Gigi’s account?” shock Aurel Hermansyah.

rekening Nagita Slavina


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