Where did the most hated actress in the USSR disappear?

The image of the SS Unterscharführer turned out to be bright, but toxic for Olga Soshnikova.

It seemed that in the film epic “Seventeen Moments of Spring” there was not a single character left whose life and fate would not be studied under a microscope. There is still an exception. Olga Soshnikova so brilliantly got used to the role of a 20-year-old Gestapo that she deserved not the love, but the hatred of millions. And disappeared from the screens.

Women were not taken into the ranks of the SS, but director Tatyana Lioznova decided to go against the historical truth. And I didn’t guess. What a beautiful and cruel Aryan is capable of, the audience learned when they saw Olga Soshnikova on the screen. Without blinking an eye, she tortured Kat and her child. With Stirlitz, she became femininely soft – Vyacheslav Tikhonov advised Soshnikova to fall in love with him.

But the audience saw only one facet of the character. After the premiere, men threw their fists at the performer of the role of Krain, women showered her with curses, filled up with angry letters. Soshnikova was not expecting such popularity.

There is an opinion that Soshnikova left the cinema precisely from Barbara Krain, whose image haunted her for many years. Film experts adhere to a different version: Olga’s disappearance from the screens is caused by a desire to devote more time to her family, daughter and grandchildren.

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