Where are the works since the collapse in the gardens of the Bishop’s Palace?

“Studies are still in progress, carried out by the geological and mining research office, which has been asked to examine the site”, we specify at the town hall of Chartres. No reopening date has been announced at this time.
In more than a year, nature has invaded the plant labyrinth, where the hole can still be seen.

Accumulation of water in underground cellars

On June 26, 2021, following severe weather which caused the accumulation of water in the underground cellars, part of the floor of the plant labyrinth collapsed, causing a large hole.

A hole is forming in the Jardins de l’évêché: the Chartrestivales concerts could be relocated

Over the days, the fontis

has grown, until the end of June 2021. “A more worrying crack, a stall of 2 centimeters on the surface and at least 30 centimeters deep appeared on the terrace overlooking the fontis”, we detail at the Chartres town hall.

The studies consist, by a mesh of 5 meters by 5, in checking the presence of cavity on the terrace, in a perimeter which integrates the zone in front of the bedside of the old chapel of the Episcopal Palace, the current Museum of Fine Arts .

With the exception of the main courtyard of the museum

Surveys are carried out on the ramparts to identify the thickness of the walls, the foundation of the ramparts and the nature of the soil. The technicians also carry out investigations on the depth of the well, in order to verify the presence of surrounding galleries or marl entrances.

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