“When you have to say things to each other, you don’t hesitate”: in Angers, these students vote for

“There is only good humor here. » With a smirk, Baptiste Cavallo, student in BTS agronomy, plant production at the Pouillé campus, is comfortably installed in the living room. At his side, Bosco Barré, from Rambouillet (Yvelines), Charles Chevalier from Chinon (Indre-et-Loire), and François Rabouan, from Baugeois (Maine-et-Loire), also students in the same BTS. All four made the decision, upon leaving high school, to living together in Angers.

The initiative came from Charles. “I learned about this accommodation from a relative, so I told the guys about it”, he explains. “Then they accepted, I regret it a little ”, continues the young man with a burst of laughter. In an 81 m apartment2with a rent of 415 € per person whose parents provide payment, the four students from Angevin each have their private space, but often find themselves together. “To go to class, we often carpool. We do the shopping together, like the housework. »

The franchise in point of honor

With each an approximate budget of €200 per month, they manage to meet their needs and enjoy their student life. Not everyone has the same financial means, only François Rabouan receives personalized housing assistance (APL) up to €160. Some also try to find odd jobs to supplement their income.

“When you have to say things to each other, you don’t hesitate. » Everyone makes a point of honesty. “We never got confused”, says Baptiste Cavallo. Despite the different characters, no one regrets this cohabitation.

“Our parents were quite skeptical”

Most admit to some fear on the part of their families at the start. “Our parents were quite skeptical. They were afraid that we would not work or that we would have too many evenings,” they explain. Bosco Barré sees it as a real advantage: “It really helps us for group work to be in fours. »

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This mutual aid, they hope to find it again next year by continuing this shared accommodation. Precious in a city with 40,000 students. At a time when the first results of Parcoursup are approaching, they already know that they will not face the hassle of finding accommodation in Angers.

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