when you don’t get enough sleep they manifest like this

Sleep Disorders: Not getting enough sleep can have consequences. Let’s find out the manifestations of lack of sleep

Sleep Wake Rhythms from Pixabay


Il sleep it is a very important phase of our life. From sleep, in fact, they depend many states that then have repercussions in our daily life. Ever since we are children, regular the sleep-wake rhythm turns out to be a delicate moment and important. But what are the consequences what can happen if a person has little or no sleep? The Welfare physical and psychological could be compromised. Let’s find out what the demonstrations sleep deprivation and how we can avoid problems.

Sleep disturbances: causes and consequences

sleep wake rhythms
The rhythm of sleep awake: important for our well-being from Pixabay

To sleep in a sufficient and adequate way is very important for ours salute and our well-being, not only physical, but also psychic. A sleep correct and adequate is considered that in which one sleeps for at least 8 consecutive hours. In this way, in fact, the heart and brain, first of all, are protected from pathologies important such as heart attack and stroke, as well as by others disturbances more or less serious.

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But what are the disorders that occur with the missed sleep or with an irregular sleep pattern? First of all, there is sleep messy. This occurs when you sleep in a disorderly way. That means, to sleep indiscriminately day or night, or do not sleep asoffice. This circumstance cause one imbalance in body and mind.

The rhythm circadianwhich is in fact our biological clock, works to organize the operation correct of our organism in certain timetables day and night. In the morning, with the activation of the cortisol, helps the body wake up. In the following hours our body reaches adequate energy to carry out any activity. Then continue with the digestion and in the late afternoon it starts drop gradually.

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The waning phase culminates at night, when our body needs rest. When these rhythms natural and physiological are upset, inevitably the organism resents and it is possible that disturbances occur. Between symptoms caused by lack of sleep adequate there are memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, asthenia, mood disorders, eating disorders and fatigue. Long to go these disorders can lead to real pathologies.

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