When will we see the effect of the stricter corona measures?

Tostmann also started calculating himself: the incubation period for corona is 2 to 14 days, but most people get the first complaints 5 to 7 days after infection. That means that you only start testing. Add another day to that, because people usually wait a day in the hope that the complaints will diminish, plus the waiting time of the GGD and you are at least 9 days.

The general measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have been in place since September 28. “Then you should be able to see something of an effect on the infections at the earliest at the end of this week. And a week later you should be able to see this reflected in the hospital admissions,” said Tostmann.

And that is not yet the case. “You can now see that the curve of the number of infections is rising in an increasingly steeper line: it is actually a kind of rocket. That line really needs to flatten. Otherwise you could say that the general measures have no effect.”

‘Too early’

According to Aura Timen of the RIVM, the new measures are not yet reflected in the figures. “It is too early to say anything about this now. We hope to be able to find an effect in the weekly figures next week,” she said yesterday after the publication of the corona weekly figures. Timen is head of RIVM’s Center for National Coordination of Infectious Disease Control and a member of the Outbreak Management Team.

Aura Timen Tuesday about the weekly figures of the RIVM:

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