When we do, then we do – the Star Citizen story company has been postponed indefinitely

Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts said he does not want to compromise and does not intend to release an unfinished product

Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts said he did not want to compromise and did not intend to release an unfinished product.

In December 2018, Cloud Imperium announced that the beta version of Squadron 42 (Star Citizen story campaign) would appear in the second quarter of 2020. In August 2019, it became known that the beta version would have to wait until the end of 2020.

The other day, the head of Cloud Imperium Chris Roberts announced the next transfer of Squadron 42. This time, the developers did not even inform the public about the approximate release date, limiting themselves to the statement “when we do, then we will do” in the tradition of Duke Nukem Forever.

“The best answer to the question about the release date for Squadron 42 is when it’s finished. We don’t want to just release the game on a specific date. We need to finish working on all the technology and content, fix the bugs and make sure that Squadron 42 plays great. I don’t want to make any compromises when making a game. With all my heart and with all my heart, I believe that I will do a disservice to everyone who is working hard on the project and to all of you who are looking forward to it if I release something that is not great. However, everyone, including me, wants to see Squadron 42 early, ”said Roberts.

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