When vaccines fail: viral hepatitis causes one death every 30 seconds

According to data from the World Health Organization every year they die from causes linked to viral hepatitis more than a million people around the world. In America, the figure rises to 23 thousand deaths from Hepatitis B and 84 thousand from Hepatitis C. It is estimated that each year there are 10,000 new infections in the region and that the number of infected in the world around 300 million people.

Faced with these alarming figures, the WHO emphasizes the “urgent need to act to eliminate this disease as a threat to public health by 2030.” The first key to dealing with it is information. Dr. Alejandra Mabel Camino, Master in Molecular Biology, Diabetologist at DIM Health Centers explains that “hepatitis is a term that defines an inflammatory state of the liver. This occurs in response to a mechanism of damage to liver cells and their surrounding tissues. He or the agents that produce liver damage that lead to inflammation can be toxic (alcohol, drugs, solvents, etc.), viral infections, infections by other agents and immunological diseases “.



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