When the state did not do it, the programmers managed to do it themselves. They created an application with an overview of vacancies for vaccination – Živě.cz

Vaccination against covid-19 is relatively slow in the Czech Republic. One of the reasons is the lack of a comprehensive overview of the availability of vaccination at individual vaccination sites. No such service was created by the state, so the programmer Marek Sušický and his colleague took the initiative. They created web application, which collects data from individual vaccination sites and enters them into a single overview.

Currently, seniors over the age of 80 can be vaccinated, and they must register over the internet. It is on the Covid portal list of places, where it is possible to vaccinate, however, there is a lack of essential information about the capacity of the given places, ie whether they have free vaccines and for what date it is possible to register. You will find out about this only in the fifth step during registration, and the result may be the finding that there is no free date in the near future in the foreseeable future. The created application provides a publicly accessible overview of where vaccination is available and you can go for sure when registering.

The authors, of course, disclaim responsibility for the published data and cannot be considered to be 100% reliable. The information is drawn from the reservation system of individual vaccination points, so it is not possible to ensure error-free and immediate continuous updating. But the application will serve as a basic guide very well and the state has not provided anything better.

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