When telework is bad for your health

DECRYPTION – With confinement, the French have discovered working from home … and the health concerns that can go with it.

“Teleworking, I ask for more. I am much less stressed, especially because I save a lot of transport time. But, on the other hand, I gained a few kilos and I made a turn of kidneys “, says Patrick, a Parisian executive who lives in the great suburbs. His partner is also satisfied with the situation, despite some neck pain that she attributes to her poor posture in front of her laptop. Their son, who had just been hired in a communication agency, is much less able to support teleworking: “I let myself be completely invaded by work. As I have to prove myself and I don’t know the team well, I never dare to cut. Suddenly I sleep badly and feel exhausted ”, he says.

Like Patrick’s family, nearly one in five French people have discovered remote work during the health crisis and confinements. Despite the constraint, they lived it quite well. But they also discovered that the situation could

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