“When nobody wanted him, he entered the channel thanks to me”: Jorge Rial trembles! Will you make a decision?

Fully declared war. Things are not right between Moria Casan and Jorge Rial and they no longer hide it. At least that has been the attitude and decision that the great diva has taken in recent weeks, where after leaving América TV, she decided to turn on the fan and attack everything in its path. Now, the Intruder driver was very exposed and everyone will wonder what will happen to him, if he will seek to go out and give an answer.

In dialogue with Polino Auténtico, the radio series conducted by the Dancing for a Dream jury, Sofía Gala’s mother was truly forceful and blunt and unfiltered. Are you weird with Jorge? ”Asked Marcelo. “No, with that person, directly, I am not,” shot the former conductor of Incorrect, making it very clear that the relationship between them is completely broken and apparently, no return.

“It is not rare, it is hated,” said one of the panelists for the Radio Miter cycle, Yanina Latorre, but Moria Casán was not silent: “No, I am not hated, either. In hatred you lose a shitty energy, it’s like a badly thrown powder. She seems to me an ungrateful person. But I don’t care, it’s not that you have to thank me for anything. I do not like its essence, it seems dark to me ”, shot the star of the national show business.

Without remaining silent and while everyone was listening carefully, the brunette decided to go further and fired again at the Intruder driver, who has been attacked in recent days by many of his signal companions. “I am not wrong with him, I believed in Jorge a lot, but he is a guy who has attitudes that do not match a good human being,” Moria Casán said very harshly with Romina Pereiro’s husband, with whom he seemed to have a good relationship.

“Nothing in particular happened. At the time he was a person that I chose (for his program), when nobody wanted him. He entered the channel thanks to me, ”the diva lashed out, leaving everyone with their mouths open. A new conflict for Jorge Rial who cannot get out of the eye of the storm. Given this, many wonder if he will finally go out to speak or, as happened with the case of Marcela Tauro, he will remain silent again. The truth is that the conflicts with the journalist are getting stronger and more followed and could bring queue on the channel.

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