When Is the Right Time to Publish a Poetry Collection? Insights from Poets.

Many poets are keen to compile their poems and publish them in collections of poetry, which contribute to documenting their experience and preserving their poetic texts and their rights. For poetic texts in the voice of its poet, in a somewhat different experience from the experience of reading.

“The Statement” explores the opinions of a number of poets about what they prefer when publishing the audio or written collection, and about the appropriate timing for printing the collection of poetry.

Regarding the appropriate timing for printing the Poetry Court, the poet Abdullah Al-Assaf confirmed that it depends on when a poetic product is available sufficient to issue the Court. The poet postpones the issuance of his book, as the delay in issuing many poems loses their splendor associated with their temporal environment, which reduces the demand for their circulation among people, and indicates that it is preferable that the timing of the issuance be related to a book fair or a poetry and cultural festival, because this matter makes the issuance a greater opportunity for attendance. In front of those interested in poetry, including media professionals, the public, and male and female poets.

Regarding the audio and read books, Al-Assaf explains that he prefers both, and each of them has its fans and audiences, even if the audio is the most widespread, because people mostly tend to hear poetry more than read it, but documentation remains linked to the paper version, because it is longer than others, and because critical readings are linked to the book. printed, and this aspect is very important to the poet.

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And Al-Assaf added: The poet has a distinguished experience, within the publications of the Department of Culture in the Emirate of Sharjah, within the Sharjah Nabati Poetry Festival, which gave him the opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience of different nationalities in the Arab world, which gave him the opportunity to meet a large audience on the day of signing the publication.


For her part, the poetess Maitha Al-Kaabi believes that the right time to publish the Poetry Diwan is the time when the creator sees that he has reached the moment with his poetry, in which he feels satisfied with what he writes, and after he takes the opinion of qualified people to give him the correct advice about his poetry, and their opinion of what he presents, because poetry is as it describes it. The poet Maitha is a message, as well as what he publishes and documents is counted on the poetic field, and it is calculated on the poet as well, so the poet must think before making a decision, because what he will publish will be history that will remain for him and his country, and about the preference between issuing an audio or read book, the poet Maitha said that she prefers Both, because the written will remain a history that is preserved, and the audio will be easy for the public to listen to as it is an audible collection of poetry, and therefore in line with the characteristic of the era, which is characterized by speed, and therefore the audio will be easier to acquire for everyone, wherever it is. Poet Maitha Al-Kaabi is haunted by the idea of ​​issuing the Diwan, as she is currently collecting her poems in order to be ready to print the Diwan, and issue it at the time she deems appropriate for her.

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Cultural events

In turn, the poet Tariq Belhai, who is preparing to publish his first poetry collection, says that the timing of the collection of poetry is related to several factors or elements, including, for example, the availability of the appropriate number of poems with good content after collecting them. Cultural, such as international book fairs and cultural festivals, in order to reach the largest segment of those interested in acquiring collections of poetry.

Poet Tariq Belhai emphasized that the written diwan has a greater opportunity for participation and dissemination, especially in literary events and activities, but some poets sometimes turn to the audio diwan due to its rapid spread through social networking sites, and the availability of audio and visual effects.

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