When is the Perseid Meteor Shower August 13-14 2022 What Time, Is it Dangerous and Time to View in Indonesia?

DIY NEWS – Here’s information on when Meteor Showers Perseid 13August 14 2022, what’s the timeis dangerous and time see in Indonesia?

Either one phenomenon alam this weekend will happen meteor Rain Perseid 2022 whose peak is known to take place on 13August 14 2022.

What time is peak meteor Rain Perseid and when time right see in Indonesia and really? dangerous check here.

Quoted from Instagram @lapan_ri, Perseid is meteor Rain whose radians come from the constellation Perseus. Maximum intensity meteor Rain this is 100 meteors/hour.

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Perseid comes from the dust residue of comet 109P/Swifts-Tuttle. Meteor speed on meteor Rain Perseid it can reach 212,400 km/hour.

While the intensity of the Moon’s light will not affect the observation too much meteor Rain Perseid. Because, peak meteor Rain occurs when the moon is setting.

Related for directions meteor Rain Perseidwhich comes from the dust remnants of comet 109P/Swifts-Tuttle can be seen from northeast to north.

Meteor Rain Perseid can only be seen until dawn ends, about 20-30 minutes before sunrise or at 05.30 time local.

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