When is the iPhone 14 Release Schedule in Indonesia? This is the price of the latest iPhone from Type XR to 13 Pro Max

DIY NEWS – When timetable release iPhone 14 from Indonesia? watch price iPhone latest from type XR until iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Information when timetable release iPhone 14 from Indonesia is still not known with certainty.

This is because Apple has not provided an official statement timetable release iPhone 14 in the world or in Indonesia.

However, recently there have been many rumors that iPhone 14 will release from Indonesia in September 2022.

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Rumor release iPhone 14 from Indonesia circulated after the many pictures or photos about the design latest from the appearance of the Apple product.

Reported from TechRadar.com iPhone 14 will have a new design when compared to the previous generation for iPhone 14 Pros and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In addition to the new design, on iPhone 14 Pros and 14 The Pro Max will also experience a significant improvement in camera quality.

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