When a caress could prevent flu and cold

Do you remember the famous song by Adriano Celentano “A caress in a fist” which was so successful years ago? A splendid melody that still today, without time and without end, enlivens our hours. The caress is one of the simplest and most concrete demonstrations of affection between two people. In a moment like this, characterized by the paucity of gestures, due to Covid-19, the caress is limited to family members. But today the PDB Experts show you when a caress could prevent flu and colds. Yes, you understood well dear readers, because what you will read is the result of a study by two prestigious international universities.

What this study reveals

Before we explain all the interesting and innovative concepts of this study to you, we will tell you why scientists came to this conclusion. One year of surveys on the health status of 400 adults and married people, in the period of the coronavirus, have, in fact, revealed the following. It would seem that the people who claimed to use petting in the family contracted fewer diseases than the less affectionate ones. Even sensational is the fact that would argue that stroking loved ones frequently keeps the evils of the season away for everyone. It is therefore appropriate to say: when a caress could prevent flu and cold.

Strasbourg and Pittsburgh

The survey originated in two distinct countries and continents: Europe and America. Specifically, the two Universities of Strasbourg and Pittsburgh. In support of the above, scientists argue that caress and attention would be able to prevent diseases thanks to the nervous system and brain sensations. To take a cue and reach this decidedly innovative conclusion, they took into consideration the splendid direct relationship between mother and fetus. The characteristic and sweet caress of the mother on the “belly” transmits, without direct contact, affection and positivity from one creature to another.

Oxytocin the scientific answer

Technically it is theoxytocin, the hormone that gives us a feeling of well-being and thanks to the caress, makes us feel better. The signal starts from the brain and passes through the nervous and motor systems, explaining and providing the sensations of well-being and pleasure that we receive not only from the caress, but from every gesture of affection.


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