Wheat supercampaign: Santa Fe pops up with the best yields :: Campo Litoral

The averages are surprising. The lack of water and the heat of October that were so worrying, were not reflected by the harvesters. He pointed out the latest report of the Agro Strategic Guide (GEA) of the Rosario Stock Exchange. It is not that there have not been drops in yields due to these effects, explain the technicians, but that the yield potential was so high this year, that even with damages of 10 to 30%, yields are among the best marks of the last five years .

The high average yields are confirming that there was a new technological leap in the center of the Pampas region. In this cycle it was not fertilized to have a target yield of 45 to 50 quintals; this year the objective was to reach 60 to 80 qq / ha. The other fact is that the small, small-scale producer this year made an investment in unprecedented technology and in fertilization it reached the same level as the leading-edge producers.

Santa Fe at the tip

There is less than 10% left to finish the threshing and the Santa Fe combine harvesters are surprising: the estimate for November rises 7.5 quintals. With almost 39 qq / ha, Santa Fe will obtain its second best yield in the last 10 years. With a record sowing of 1.32 M ha, it will reach an unprecedented volume of production of 5 Mt. Entre Ríos is the other surprise, according to SIBER (from the Entre Rios Stock Exchange) the provincial average is 36 qq / ha, the second best brand in its wheat history.

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The production would be almost 1.9 Mt. In Buenos Aires the harvesters are expected to pass to define the final yields of the southeastern wheat heart, perhaps with better figures. But there are some positive adjustments in the north and center of Buenos Aires that add up to the provincial average by almost a quintal and the production marks rise by 230 thousand tons.


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