WhatsApp will stop working on these phones in 2021 .. Is your phone between them?

WhatsApp promises WhatsAppIt is the most used messaging service around the world, as more than two billion people rely on it in all types of communications, whether personal or professional, and although it does not occupy a large space on the phone, it receives regular updates to add some features or to improve security.
According to “news18”, WhatsApp goes through some regular updates every period to improve the features and security, which adds some space and new features to the application, and with these updates it loses some users smart phones The old ones have access to the famous messaging application owned by Facebook, as their phones stop supporting WhatsApp due to old versions of operating systems and sometimes the storage capacity of those old devices.

For these reasons, some people lose access to the WhatsApp application every year, as the messaging application requires certain software requirements and devices with specific specifications in order to be able to run the latest features of the service.

During this year, WhatsApp said that its service will continue to work on devices running the Android operating system, starting with version 4.0.3 or later, and on iPhones running iOS 9 or later.

While people who use operating systems older than that indicated by the company that owns the platform, they will not be able to run the WhatsApp application on their smartphones as of the beginning of next year 2021.

Given the many smartphones running the Android operating system, it is difficult to determine which smartphone will stop getting updates for the system after Android 4.0.3 KitKat, but a few names have been limited as WhatsApp support will stop on the following phones:

-Samsung Galaxy S2

-Motorola Droid Razr

-LG Optimus Black

-HTC Desire

But it is easy to determine which iPhones will stop supporting WhatsApp from January 2021, and they are:

-iPhone 4S

-iPhone 5

-iPhone 5S

-iPhone 5C



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