WhatsApp, what does that strange stick figure that appears in your chat mean?

The use of cell phones has changed many of the ways we do things. From the most obvious where we communicate or remember things. We also learned how to take advantage of some application functions, adapting them to our needs. So we need know what the icons and symbols around us mean.

An icon that looks like a stick figure

In addition to the usual use, WhatsApp allows you to use your chats as a method to exchange files or to remind us of things. Surely you’ve used the app as a reminder method, surely you’ve used the expression more than once “send me a WhatsApp to remind me”, which we can also do ourselves, by creating a chat with our number, this helps us to send things to our mobile or computer from other sessions open on other devices, which is very useful. This is the fastest way to share things or remind us to do something.

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We see it together with our contact name we find a small icon that represents a person, This indicates that it is a chat with ourselves and we are the only member of the conversation. In this way we quickly identify our chat. Although we must keep in mind that this personal icon only appears on the desktop version of the instant messaging app and only for Beta version users, so we don’t know if its developers are preparing new features. Something we’ll still have to wait for. You can see that in this same place, in other groups or contacts, other symbols appear, such as the crossed out speaker, which means that the chat is disabled. A place that we must pay attention to since it provides us with information about conversations without having to access them or their configuration settings.

  • To create a chat with ourselves, the first thing is to open the application and click on the new icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • By doing so, we access the file contacts.
  • click on “new contact”
  • Assign a name to the new contact e Enter your number phone.
  • press save to Keep on.
  • To start a new conversation with yourself, you have the option to search for your contact in the list as if it were any other contact. In case it doesn’t appear as a contact, you can do it from the contacts app.
  • Locate your number and click on your new profile to access your options. From here we will have the possibility to “send message to” This is next to a WhatsApp logo.

Write a test message and hit send. This way you will have started a new conversation on WhatsApp. This way you will see how the new is added in all open sessions on any device. that are part of the list of conversations that we have active at that moment.


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