WhatsApp wants you to know that no one is spying on your messages

WhatsApp is preparing to ensure your privacy in conversations and group chats, and very soon it will display a message confirming the end-to-end encryption of our communications on the platform.

We live in the age of spies, with more and more online security issues, more critical vulnerabilities, and more disturbing news about phones being tapped, from more and more prominent figures, including the Prime ministers and even the heads of large corporations.

Perhaps that’s why the most used communication platforms on the planet focus on the privacy and security of their users, with WhatsApp still in the eye of the hurricane and the promise of developers Meta to give more and more importance to the end to end. -end encryption that protects our conversations.

WhatsApp is preparing to confirm if you are protected in your chats and group chats.

And it seems that there is progress on this aspect, because as we were told a few hours ago by colleagues from WABetaInfo, some users have discovered that the beta version with the build code already shows the so useful and long-awaited encryption warning:

WhatsApp Privacy Notice

Your personal messages are end-to-end encrypted.

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As you may have noticed, it has been integrated as a “footer” in the conversation, call or status windows, indicating at a glance that these communications are encrypted and therefore completely secure for the user. .

Obviously you already know what it means for a conversation to be end-to-end encrypted, that is, it leaves our smartphone already encrypted so that not even WhatsApp or any other actor that can intercept these messages is able to decrypt them, except for the recipient and the interlocutor. .

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From WhatsApp they warn that this novelty that we are already seeing in the beta versions for Android will also soon arrive for iOS and WhatsApp Desktop, before being rolled out in the stable versions of the application.

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