WhatsApp tries to save what is still possible

Asunción: Following the controversy sparked by the update of the WhatsApp application’s privacy policy, the intelligence service responded. Some aspects that were generated on this topic were clarified in order to save what is still possible.

In a statement, those responsible for the WhatsApp application issued a comprehensive clarification on the updates to the privacy policy that the service will implement from next February.

“We want to make it clear that the policy update will in no way affect the privacy of the messages users share with their friends and family, but will include changes to the messages sent to businesses on WhatsApp. Optionally, we offer more transparency about the way we collect and use data, ”the statement said.

At another point, the company makes it clear that it will not be able to access the messages or listen to the calls that users share with friends, family or colleagues, just like the Facebook social network.

“Everything you share will remain between you. This is because personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. We will never weaken this security measure and this is made clear by a symbol in every chat, which enables the users to be aware of our commitment ”, report those responsible.

The operators of the application also emphasize that they cannot see the locations that are shared by contacts or users, as this information is also encrypted and protected.

It is also pointed out that the app does not keep a record of the contacts that every user calls or sends messages to, as this would pose a risk to data protection and security and is therefore not the case.

WhatsApp states that they also don’t share contacts with Facebook, they only access stored phone numbers for a faster and more reliable messaging process. This is only possible if the user allows access between the two applications.

Another point of controversy concerns the groups created in the application. In this context, the service makes it clear that these will remain private and that the photos will not be shared with Facebook. It is claimed that all information and messages are protected and the content cannot be viewed.

On the other hand, the declaration also specifies the working relationship between Facebook and WhatsApp and the messages with the companies. They state that they will always be clearly informed when users share messages through these applications.

WhatsApp points out that many companies need to use hosting services to manage communications with their customers. Hence, an option called Secure Hosting Service is offered that allows the company to answer questions and send useful information such as proof of purchase.

In the event that users contact a company by phone, email, or WhatsApp, the company can view the information shared with them and use it for their own marketing purposes, including using Facebook advertising.

“To ensure that users are properly informed, we clearly mark conversations with companies that have decided to use Facebook’s hosting services,” claim those in charge of WhatsApp.

The new privacy policy also includes commercial features that allow WhatsApp and Facebook to share their products directly with users who are interested in the items.

“When users interact with stores, the shopping activity can be used to personalize the experience of the stores and ads that each user sees on Facebook and Instagram. Functions like these are optional and when the user selects them in the app, they will be informed about how their data will be shared with Facebook, ”the statement added.

Another aspect concerns the discovery of companies through Facebook ads. With this option, users can contact the company through WhatsApp and Facebook can use the information about how they interact with these advertisements to personalize the advertisements displayed on the social platform.

The WhatsApp messaging application will be updated on February 8th to bring the platform’s new terms into effect. This requires that users accept the conditions in order to be able to continue using the service on a regular basis.

Wochenblatt / Ultima Hora / contribution picture archive

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