Whatsapp, the app is no longer available for some smartphones: what are they

The Whatsapp app is no longer available for some smartphones, both iOS and Android, which are now considered obsolete: almost they are

The developers, now more than ever, have several new features in store for Whatsapp in view of the coming months. The continued growth of the messaging app also comes with a downside for some users. We are talking about the fact that the most obsolete smartphones cannot have permanent access to the platform.

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Whatsapp, where the app is no longer available

Whatsapp, (Photo: Pixabay)

Already since the beginning of the year Windows Phone is no longer among the operating systems supported by the app in green. From today the same will apply to the owners of iPhone 6 or earlier, but also for devices with Android of versions prior to 2.3.7.

Depending on the smartphone model, Whatsapp it may still be usable where installed but critical security updates will not be available. In other cases, the platform is completely inaccessible.

Returning to the news, the employees work on inserting Whatsapp Pay (payment method), the possible self-destruction of messages and the introduction of new emojis. Updates on the security of the platform will also be fundamental, as it is often targeted by malicious people ready to steal, for one reason or another, the personal data of users.

Meanwhile, the “Advanced Search” officially lands, which will allow you to search in more detail and precision even media (photos, audio and documents).

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