WhatsApp Tests the Feature of Sending High-Resolution Photos Without Worrying About Breaking

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WhatsApp soon rolling out a feature that allows users to submit photo high resolution to its original size.

Currently, the photo sending feature on WhatsApp is carried out in a compressed version or reduced to the size of the photo from its original size. This makes some users often choose other options for sending photos so that the size doesn’t change.

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that allows users to send photos in their original size. This feature is currently being tested on the WhatsApp beta Android application version

Previously, the photo sending feature on WhatsApp beta Android version had three settings that users could choose from, namely automatic, best qualityand data saver.

However, choice best quality does not allow users to send photos at their original resolution.

In this option, compression is still carried out on the WhatsApp system, although it is not too low.

Now, WhatsApp beta Android version provides a breath of fresh air for users who want to send photos in their original quality.

Furthermore, it is not yet certain when this latest feature will be rolled out to users at large. Generally, features that are tested will be rolled out several weeks after the feature is stable.

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Then, it is not certain whether this feature will also be provided for the video feature.

Reported The Vergeif you want to send the original size video via WhatsApp, the user can select the ‘file’ option when sending.

On the other hand, Telegram actually has already allowed its users to send the highest quality photos or videos without being compressed. Launch Make use ofTelegram users only need to select the Attachment menu when they want to send photos or videos.

Then the user can click More (More options) then choose Send Without Compression (Send Without Compression). Telegram also limits the maximum file that a user can send, which is 2GB.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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