WhatsApp serves users and will launch pinned messages in groups

A new feature of WhatsApp promises to make life easier for users. That’s because, now the tool will allow users to pin a message in private conversations or even in groups. In practice, the function will allow faster access to the most relevant information in groups where the flow of messages is very high.

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However, it is worth remembering that the feature is currently only available for the beta version, that is, testing. Furthermore, the tool is only available for experiments in Android. There is still no information about new tests focusing on the iOS operating system.

How sticky messages work in Beta

Now, with this new feature, when a message is pinned, it becomes visible to all users in the conversation. In this way, it is much easier to find important information within the flow of posts.

In practice, the novelty facilitates communication in groups with a greater flow of messages. That’s because when a message is important, pinning it allows more group members to see it prominently. That is, it will not be necessary to scroll the message bar and read all available messages to find relevant information for all users.

Implementation of the novelty

As previously mentioned, the feature is in the testing phase, through Beta WhatsApp. Therefore, the messaging application has not yet confirmed when the functionality will be available to all users.

Before that, it is necessary to carry out all the necessary adjustments to the Beta version. Only then is it possible to offer full functionality to the tool and satisfaction of its users.

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WhatsApp Status gets news

This Wednesday, the 7th, a huge package of news was announced for the most famous messenger in Brazil. Updates impact App Status on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Check out what’s new:

  • Private audience selector;
  • Voice status (audio) of up to 30 seconds;
  • Status reactions;
  • Status indicator;
  • Link previews.

The release of Status features will be gradual and should reach all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks, according to the app itself.

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