Whatsapp scam, many Umbrians among the victims. How to avoid the “six-digit code” trap – Corriere dell’Umbria

The WhatsApp scam of the six-digit code also affects in Umbria. It was Consumerismo No profit, a consumer association specializing in technology, to report that there are many scammed users. As the lawyer explained Piera Di Stefano, the scam exploits the unique code needed for the quick transfer of the messaging app when we change it smartphone or the telephone number. The head of the Digital Law Department of Consumerism, remembers that users receive a message on their mobile phone from one of their contacts who in turn fell into the joke. It is claimed that you have sent a code in error by text message and please return the six numbers of the code. Who falls into the trap opens the link he received via sms and in this way allows the cyber-criminali to access the profile and then personal data, access codes to credit cards, current accounts, address book and so on. A fraud which puts at risk not only the data relating to one’s identity but current accounts and ATM accounts.

To help the Umbrians not to run into the code scam, Consumerismo No Profit has released a guide with advice to follow.

– Never provide your personal data by phone or email, even if those who contact us qualify as a friend, acquaintance, or operator of our banking institution, and even if we are asked to change our password because an attempt has occurred abnormal access to our online account.

– Never click on links in text messages and emails that appear to come from people or entities (banks, companies) known to us. Those links may contain malicious software able to take possession of all our data, documents, information, present on our devices, or direct us to clone-sites which, once our personal and financial data have been collected, disappear into thin air.

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– Protect our online accounts with the cd. two-step verification or two-factor authentication. Based on this mechanism, which also applies to WhatsApp, after entering the password a code is sent via text message to our mobile phone and the account will only be accessible after entering it. It is also necessary to activate the alerts, that is the notifications via sms or via email of anomalous accesses to our accounts, by unknown devices. These codes are strictly personal and should never be shared.

– When you have to get rid of paper documentation that contains personal data and information, destroy it avoiding that it can be reassembled and therefore that you can read and read the content.

– Use privacy filters on personal social profiles and do not publish your data, including mobile numbers and identification documents.

– Do not send your identification documents or other documentation containing personal, banking, health and similar data via instant messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram etc.).

– Avoid storing your identification, health, financial or banking documents on a portable device (PC, smartphone or tablet). If necessary, store them only on a PC, “protecting” them with an access code.

– In case of loss of your identification documents or if you discover that you have been a victim of identity theft, go immediately to the police, also to prevent further potential victims of the chain, in the first case to formalize the complaint and in the second case to file a complaint.

Follow the advice it means avoiding falling into a scam that has unfortunately already collected numerous victims.

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