WhatsApp Releases Special Application for Mac, Download Here


WhatsApp finally released a dedicated native app for macOS. After going through a closed beta period for several months, now the application can be downloaded by Mac users via the official WhatsApp website.

Mac users can actually access WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Desktop application available on the App Store. But this new native app brings new improvements and designs compared to WhatsApp Desktop.

The WhatsApp Desktop application for Mac that is currently available is actually a web app specially packaged for macOS. This makes the app a bit clunky and labor hungry.

Meanwhile the newly created WhatsApp for Mac uses the Catalyst framework which makes the application more efficient and less resource hungry.

“The new native app built using Mac Catalyst offers a smoother experience for WhatsApp users on macOS: the app has been optimized to take full advantage of Max hardware, making the user experience faster and more efficient,” WABetaInfo said in the post, as quoted detikINETSaturday (28/1/2023).

This application also has a new design, with an interface consisting of three panels. The first panel contains shortcuts for chats, calls, archived messages, favorite messages, and settings. The second panel is filled with chat lists, and the third panel displays chat contents.

WhatsApp for Mac Photos: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp for Mac can be downloaded via the official WhatsApp website at these links. It’s worth noting that even though it’s publicly available, it’s still in beta phase so there may be some bugs and features that can’t be used yet.

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After downloading and installing the application, you can directly connect your WhatsApp account on Android or iOS to WhatsApp for macOS by scanning the QR code on the screen.

Due to the application WhatsApp for Mac which was recently created using the Catalyst platform, many hope that this means that WhatsApp will soon release its application for iPad. Even though it has been rumored for a long time, Meta as the owner of WhatsApp has not announced it or released it officially.

WhatsApp itself last year released a native application for Windows that can be used without the need to be connected to a cellphone. This application also offers faster performance than WhatsApp Desktop for Windows.

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