WhatsApp Releases Sophisticated New Features, Make It Easier for Users to Find Files they Want to Search

TRIBUNJABAR.IDWhatsApp releases powerful new features.

This feature allows users to search for specific files.

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This feature was introduced to make it easier for users when they want to browse files in the form of photos, videos, audios, documents, links, or GIF stickers that have been sent through the messaging application.

“We have made it easier for you to browse the file categories you want to search, such as photos, GIFs, links, videos, documents, and audio in the application. WhatsApp, “wrote WhatsApp on his Twitter account.

The file type selection will now be made available when the user accesses the search feature on WhatsApp.

Apart from selecting the file type, the user can also search more specifically from whom the file was sent by typing the contact name next to the file type.

“Now you can search for a specific contact, then select the media type, and add keywords to view past chats and messages more effectively,” said WhatsApp.

According to monitoring KompasTekno, this feature is already present in WhatsApp Android version

So, how to use this advanced search feature? Here’s how.

WhatsApp illustration. (Pixabay.com)

To be able to use this more sophisticated search feature, update first application WhatsApp from Play Store.

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