WhatsApp Ready to Launch ‘Reaction’ Feature on iOS


Since last September WhatsApp already started working on the Reaction feature for iOS devices. So when will this feature be released?

In the latest report, this messaging service is still making some changes to improve its functionality because it is planned to be launched next year.

According to WABetainfo, the feature will be available in chat threads, individual threads, and group threads. They also state that users can see who reacted to the message by looking at the reaction information tab.

Through its Twitter account, WABetainfo shared a screenshot of its service where the Reaction feature can be seen by placing it in two different tabs.

The ‘All’ tab shows all the available reactions, while the second tab shows the most recent emoji you used. The user can click on the image to see everyone who reacted to the message.

Reported detiKINET from Tech Times there are only 6 emojis that can be used in one message such as Love, Like, Laugh, Sad, Surprised, and Thanks.

For now, it is unclear whether WhatsApp will make the emojis available in reaction like the ones Facebook currently has.

The Reaction feature on WhatsApp is currently still in development and there is still no definite date when it will be released.

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