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In August last year, WhatsApp launched the function of deleting after reading, allowing users to set the shared media content to be deleted immediately after opening it for viewing. However, the function has a flaw, that is, the recipient can immediately save the screenshot as long as the recipient is quick enough. After a year, WhatsApp finally launched a solution.

Three new privacy protection features

WhatsApp has added the function of prohibiting screenshots at the system level. When users open the content that is deleted after reading, the system’s screenshot function is temporarily unavailable, reducing the chance of users leaving behind. Of course, it is always unavoidable that users use another mobile phone or camera to take pictures. Record. This small change is currently in final beta and will be officially rolled out later.

Coming later this month

In addition, WhatsApp is also rolling out two new privacy-focused measures. The first is the Presence setting we shared earlier, allowing users to choose who to share their presence with. Finally, let users announce when they leave the group. This feature can reduce the embarrassment and hassle of leaving a group of friends or relatives, but the group administrator will still receive a notification. The above new features are expected to be rolled out later this month, but WhatsApp did not disclose the actual timetable.


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