WhatsApp Prepares Self-Deleting Photo Submission Features

KOMPAS.com – Instant messaging application WhatsApp reportedly in the middle of preparing a possible new feature photo user submissions are automatically deleted or self-destructing photos.

This was revealed by the WABetaInfo Twitter account. Multiple screenshots (screenshot) which WABetaInfo shared in a tweet indicates that users can submit photos that can only be viewed within a certain period of time.

When the photo is opened, users will see a countdown timer marker on the lower left that shows how much time is left before the photo disappears.

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The screenshot also shows that the photo will be deleted if the user leaves the chat room in progress.

The WABetaInfo account itself often provides leaks about candidates WhatsApp’s new features with accuracy before officially launched.

WABetaInfo mentions that photos are sent using the self-destructing photos these cannot be exported or sent outside the WhatsApp application.

In this trial, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp has not implemented detection screenshot so that the user may capture the screen image before the image is erased.

Features self-destructing photos this is somewhat similar to the “View Once” feature on direct message Instagram. View Once also allows Instagram users to send photos or videos that can only be seen once by the user.

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As assembled KompasTekno from DigitIn, Friday (5/3/2021), this self-deleted photo feature is thought to be available for applications on Android and iOS devices, but the official release time is still unknown.

Prior features self-destructing photos, WhatsApp first had a feature self-destructing messages. This feature allows users to send messages that will be deleted automatically within a certain period of time.

To self-destructing messages itself, WhatsApp provides several options for the time period before messages are automatically deleted, ranging from one hour, one day, one month, to one year.


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