WhatsApp Prepares 3 New Features, There is a Block Contact Shortcut


instant messaging application, WhatsApp is currently preparing three new features. This feature will further facilitate the use of this application.

Quoted from detikINET who saw WABetainfo there are three new WhatsApp features found in beta, both for Android and iOS.

Here are 3 new features that Whatsapp is currently preparing.

1. Photo Quality

Currently, whatsapp users have to choose between “automatic”, “best quality” and “data saver” options for photo quality. This new feature will give you more control over the quality of the photos sent.

This feature will allow users to send photos in their original quality. Moreover it will also be included in a future update of the app.

The WhatsApp beta update for Android reveals that the company is working on integrating a new settings icon within the image tools header, which will allow users to configure the quality of any photo. This feature is especially useful in situations where it is necessary to send photos in their original quality.

2. Block Contact Shortcut

Another feature that Whatsapp is currently preparing is a shortcut for the contact blocking feature. So there are 2 new options introduced, one of which can be accessed from the chat list by opening the options at the top.

Meanwhile, the second method can be accessed from notifications and appears when receiving messages from unknown contacts.

This new way makes it easier for users to block contacts without opening their chat info. This will be especially useful for those who receive a lot of messages from people they don’t know or don’t want to talk to.

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3. Browse Messages By Date

The WhatsApp iOS update version 23.1.75 allows users to hide their online status. Apart from that it is also possible to search for specific messages by jumping to a certain point in the conversation.

Users must enable search mode in conversations to use the new option if available for their account.

This feature gives users more control over their chat history and messages shared in the past. In addition, users can now drag and drop to share images, videos and documents from other applications to WhatsApp chats.

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