WhatsApp is preparing two big news. Users have been calling for them for a long time

WhatsApp has faced a wave of criticism in recent months, mainly due to harsh conditions that have allowed the application to access user data. Many people have turned their attention to this popular chat application. WhatsApp has decided to prepare two new products for its loyalists.

According to server information wabetainfo This is the ability to use the application on multiple phones at the same time. This feature is not currently supported and many users are calling for it. The second novelty should be the transfer of data across Android and iOS operating systems.

The change should also apply to pairing multiple devices. If, for example, you want to turn on Whatsapp on both your phone and computer, you must bring your phone to your computer, open it specific page and then scan a special QR code. That, too, should change.

The chat application recently announced new terms. Those users who refuse to accept the new conditions must expect service restrictions after May 15. For example, the application will continue to receive calls and notifications, but the user will not be able to read and send messages. Fortunately, the rules only apply to users in the United States, the Czech ones are protected by stricter European legislation.

WhatsApp has many hidden features. See what they are like:


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