“WhatsApp introduces password reminders for end-to-end encryption backups”

WhatsApp is introducing password reminders for backup data encryption. This means that every now and then, users will receive a prompt to enter their password to recall it, and never forget it. If the user forgets their password, he/she will still be able to reset the end-to-end encryption of backup data. However, this reset option will not be available when moving to a new phone or re-installing WhatsApp on the same phone. Therefore, users are advised to be sure to remember their password, or document it somewhere safe such as in a personal diary or an online password vault.

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption option, which was launched a couple of years ago, offered users the option of securing their personal data with a personal password or a 64-digit encryption key via hardware. Although either option was available, users had to remember the passcode or they risked losing access to their old chat history upon moving to a new phone or when re-installing the app again on the same phone. This new feature aims to ensure that people never forget their password and can always recall their code.

Users can rest easy knowing that once they update WhatsApp to the latest version (iOS or Android), the app will start to prompt them at random times to type the password of backed-up data. The prompt is designed to keep users on their toes and to encourage them to memorize their backup encryption password at all times.

In other news, Whatsapp has recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to edit sent messages. The catch, however, is that users are only allowed a 15-minute window of time in which they can correct spelling mistakes in the message. Once the 15-minute window has passed, the message becomes permanent and can no longer be edited. This feature is yet another way that WhatsApp is continuously improving and updating its app based on user feedback.

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Overall, these new features will prove useful for WhatsApp users who want to ensure that their chats and data are secure and protected while also being able to quickly and easily edit any typos they may have made in their messages. So, download the latest version of WhatsApp today and stay updated on these new features that journalists can relay to their readers.

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