“WhatsApp Introduces New Chat Lock Privacy Feature for Chats – Meta Announcement”

WhatsApp is getting a new privacy feature for chats. Chat Lock The new layer called “Chat Lock” will hide chats within the app.

Users who want to access these messages will have to perform biometric authentication.

The new update announced by Meta includes the Chat Lock feature. Accordingly, users will be able to lock certain chats with a password or biometric authentication.

Known for its end-to-end encryption support, WhatsApp was unable to prevent anyone with physical access to the device from reading messages. The new feature aims to protect chats even when the app is open.

According to Meta’s description, if Chat Lock is enabled, chats will be stored in a password- or biometric-protected folder. Notifications from these conversations will not display the sender’s name or message content.

2023-05-16 11:52:00
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