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Have you sent a text and it was already read in WhatsApp? Quiet! The fast messaging application continues to bring a series of news. For example, he is working to develop a new way of chatting from any mobile device, in addition to logging out, using your same account.

Likewise, WhatsApp is launching in its web version, the calls and video calls, the same ones that you can generate on your computer. But there are some tricks that very few know when chatting with someone.

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Did you know that you can delete a fully read message in the app, even in a group? Well, as you read it.

We do not know if this is an error or bug that WhatsApp has had it for quite some time, but it will get you out of a bind in case you made a mistake in texting.


Generally, to delete a message that has not been read, it takes about 60 minutes exactly. After that time, the text that has been sent, even if it has not been opened, cannot be deleted.

However, if that person has seen your message and you need to delete, you only have a short time. How much the limit is has not been specified, but it can be achieved.

Learn how to delete that message for everyone if it was read. (Photo: MAG)

The only bad thing is that that person will instantly see the notification of “message deleted” within the conversation, in case they are chatting.

Test it. Remember that, in case the other person mentions what the deleted message said, try to explain it very clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

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