WhatsApp for Android is Coming Soon with a New Text Editor Feature

The problem is, all of this is a mere fraud aimed at obtaining personal data and money from the victim.

Apparently, when scammers approach WhatsApp users, they will start asking for personal information that they say is used to process payments. After collecting the data, the fraudster will say there is a technical problem.

Sometimes, fraudsters also deliberately transfer small amounts of money to make the action look promising.

After the victim believes, these scammers require the victim to install an application to transfer money. The problem is, these applications contain trojans or malware. Scammers will ask users to transfer USD 1 for verification.

Furthermore, the fraudster also managed to get the victim’s data. Of course, with a few simple steps, it is the victim herself who gives the fraudster access to details of bank accounts, credit cards, emails, etc.

When these fraudsters have access to all of the victim’s personal data, there is not much that the victim can do to prevent money from being taken from the account.

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