WhatsApp, Esselunga good and second lockdown? The whole truth

A message that runs on WhatsApp talks about a 500 euro Esselunga voucher and a second lockdown (pixabay)

New lockdown and 500 euro Esselunga voucher? The whole truth about the message that has been running on WhatsApp in the last few days

As periodically happens, in the last few days a message has been circulating between the various WhatsApp chats which speaks of a new looming lockdown and a coupon from Esselunga worth 500 euros, usable precisely in view of the Coronavirus emergency. This is the usual chain of S. Antonio which occasionally shows up to various users of the messaging service.

As explained by Esselunga herself through an official statement, it is fake news. Italy is experiencing a very complicated period due to the virus, and at the moment it cannot actually be ruled out a second nationwide lockdown. As for the 500 euro bonus that can be used at the well-known supermarket chain, however, it is clear that it is fake news.

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WhatsApp, 500 euro Esselunga voucher: the official denial

whatsapp esselunga
This is fake news (Pixabay)

Esselunga itself took care of denying the message that has been running on WhatsApp in the last few days: there is no 500 euro voucher.In recent days, many of our customers have received reports about the possibility of receiving shipping vouchers that can be used in our shops” it is read in the official note: “This is obviously fake news. These messages are beyond our control, therefore we ask you to be very careful as we cannot take responsibility for them“.

A clear and precise message, which invites users not to trust yet another chain of S. Antonio circulating on the messaging app. “These are phishing, i.e. messages that aim to steal user information or even money. Very often, there are links that refer to sites created specifically to obtain personal datathe note continues: “Do not open them absolutely, there is nothing true“.

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