WhatsApp does the homework and launches several functions that WhatsApp Plus does not have

WhatsApp decided to start the year by delivering several innovations to its users, which is why the instant messaging platform has been designing and implementing new features for its smartphone application. This with the purpose of incorporating other options that improve the user experience.

In recent times, the Meta platform has begun to provide details about upcoming features that will be available on its platform. appwhich would be to optimize the experience in group chats and give users greater privacy.

For this reason, SEMANA offers a brief overview of the features that will be available to WhatsApp users through the next updates that will eventually come to the application.

WhatsApp news that arrived recently

lock shortcut

The platform launched a new direct access to block the contact that the user deems appropriate, this tool was called ‘Direct blocking’, and it was created with the purpose of saving time by avoiding running tedious processes to block a person.

To use this resource, all you have to do is click on the conversation or the ‘Chats’ section, then click on the icon with the three dots located in the upper right. Finally, you will have to activate the new shortcut, by clicking on the ‘Block’ option.

However, it is an option that for now is only present in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices.

WhatsApp will have a new method to block contacts. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

New WhatsApp Desktop macOS

The instant messaging platform has released a new update for the beta version of the app designed for computers using the macOS operating system. So that the owners of a computer made by Apple will soon have access to an optimized platform.

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This new update of the app WhatsApp offers several adjustments in its interface and its The most significant change is the addition of a side menu, with an appearance similar to that of macOS. This resource offers shortcuts to the tabs for chat, calls, starred messages, and application settings.

Because this update was developed by Catalyst, this app it is 100% native to macOS and this could guarantee that its operation is much better coupled with the characteristics of Apple computers.

As revealed by a report by WABetaInfo, a web portal specialized in filtering WhatsApp news, although it still It is a beta version whose operation is stable and quite fast. Therefore, this version, which is still in the testing phase, could soon replace the app which is currently available in the store apps from Apple.

WhatsApp updates its application for macOS.
WhatsApp updates its application for macOS. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

camera mode

Through this novelty app has made a redesign in the camera function that the application has, by adding new icons that provide more convenient access to the photo and video functions.

Thanks to this new design, the user will have the possibility of Quickly switch between photo mode and video mode. It should be remembered that in previous versions of the application, when the user wanted to capture a video, it was necessary to hold down the button to take a photo and thus start the recording.

But thanks to this change the user you will not have to hold the button to record a video, it is enough to activate the video mode. This will make it easier to capture a video clip.

WhatsApp added a new 'camera mode', which makes it easier to record videos.
WhatsApp added a new ‘camera mode’, which makes it easier to record videos. – Photo: Screenshot from WaBetaInfo
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Alert on forwarded messages with comment

WhatsApp will generate a notification that alerts Android users about the possibility of modifying text that accompanies a photo, video or a document before being forwarded to another contact on the platform.

Currently the instant messaging application only allows adding words or phrases along with files such as images or videos that are forwarded to another chat. But the same situation does not occur when it comes to sending documents in .doc or PDF format, although the company has been working on it for months.

New text editor

Recently to the beta version of WhatsApp added a new text editor, tool that would make it easier to change the colors and fonts in the texts that users use in the application.

Before the arrival of this novelty, when a person wanted to insert texts in a WhatsApp status, they had very limited options, since they only had four types of fonts and a color selector. But with this addition of the text editor, there will be access to a wider range of fonts and new options to adjust the texts.

According to the first images that are known about this novelty, the interface of the states has been renewed to add the new editor. To access that tool it will only suffice to open the ‘states’ tab by pressing the ‘T’ button to access the new editor and be able to use its functionalities.

WhatsApp launched a new text editor.
WhatsApp launched a new text editor. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

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