WhatsApp changes that Romanians can also use directly in the app

WhatsApp and the World Health Organization have formed an alliance to help users promote anti-Government vaccines in creative and fun ways.

In particular, WhatsApp introduced a new sticker series so that users can express feelings of joy, relief or hope regarding the vaccine against the Government-19.

The new sticker collection, according to WhatsApp, is named “Vaccines for All” and has 23 separate stickers designed by WHO. The user should be aware that the package is available for download on Android and iOS. We will see in the coming weeks whether this change will have a positive impact on the collective mindset of vaccination.

WhatsApp not only promotes vaccination in this creative way, but is important to society and stimulates social interaction, even virtual, this activity is also a token of gratitude to health professionals, the world‘s leading virus.

So some of the stickers in the new package allow WhatsApp users to show their appreciation to health workers.

WhatsApp is actively involved in creating the safest possible online environment in an epidemic

In addition to the new sticker packs, WhatsApp added several COVID-19 support lines last year to various governments and national organizations such as WHO and UNICEF. The instant messaging app says that more than three billion messages were sent through this global helpline last year.

WhatsApp says governments in many countries, including India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa, have started using helplines to connect citizens to accurate information about the epidemic crisis. The messaging app WhatsApp Facebook has announced that it has accounts on the platform for two billion people worldwide.

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