WhatsApp can now work on multiple devices without a cellphone connection

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – WhatsApp has finally brought a much-requested feature to its messaging app service. Introduced earlier this year, the company has now removed the online connection requirement on mobile to allow the platform to be used across multiple devices.

Previously, users had to have a stable internet connection on the Internet smartphone to be able to use the messaging service on another device, such as a desktop PC or laptop. In other words, the app must be linked to the phone for the conversation to sync.

But now, after several months of beta testing, giant message app Meta made it finally let users disable this requirement altogether on any linked device. So, users can now run WhatsApp without the phone connected.

The company has limited the total number of devices that can connect to the app with the handset logo simultaneously to four at this time. The functionality is under a new feature called ‘Linked devices’.

After enabling it, WhatsApp will delete all previously connected devices and you will have to add them again manually. And now, devices can actually run chats independently.

The feature does not currently work on tablets and there are also certain limitations on the iPhone such as not being able to delete conversations on the connected device. For the sake of security, the company has also added an automatic disconnect feature on these connected devices, if WhatsApp is not running on the main smartphone within 14 days.


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