Technology WhatsApp Can Chat with Facebook Messenger Users

WhatsApp Can Chat with Facebook Messenger Users


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – User WhatsApp will be able to chat with Facebook Messenger users. This is a continuation of the integration plan for Facebook’s messaging application.

There is this effort disclosed by independent developer Alessandro Palluzi through the Twitter account @ Alex193a. He found evidence of integration testing images in the latest version of Facebook Messenger, as quoted by WABetaInfo, Wednesday (07/08/2020).

In the screenshot there is the creation of a table in a local database on Facebook Messenger as a command to manage messages and services. There are also commands that make the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp systems can communicate with each other, writes GSMArena.

For this integration the message content will not be shared with Facebook servers so Facebook Messenger needs a new protocol for cross-chatting between platforms.

The plan to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger messaging services was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2019.

Zuckerberg said the reason for the integration was to make it easier for users to send messages across all applications belonging to the Facebook Group. However, this will be realized in 2020 or the following year.

“We are really still in the early stages of thinking about this. There is much more we need to think about before finalizing the plan,” Zuckerberg said, as reported by Mashable.

“The first reason, I’m passionate about doing this more to end-to-end encryption by default on our products. People use this on WhatsApp. I think this is the direction we should take. I think there’s an opportunity … to have encryption work consistently in all applications that we do. “

Zuckerberg added that integrating the application brings benefits for WhatsApp users because it can send messages directly to sellers on the Facebook Marketplace that makes users more comfortable.

This integration will also benefit “tens of millions” of Android users who currently use Messenger as their SMS application because encryption is automatically activated.

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